Quality E Juices Aren’t Hard to Come by (When You Know Where to Look)

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Premium e-juices are like wine in that you can’t trust merely a price tag to tell you about the quality of the liquid inside the bottle. As vaping becomes increasingly more popular, we see more and more e-juice vendors add the word “premium” to their line of flavours. But what makes an e-liquid better than another one? Here’s our quick-and-dirty breakdown of the premium e-juice market.


Some of the questions we’ll help to answer for you:


  • What exactly am I paying for?
  • What justifies the prices of more expensive e-juices?
  • Why pay $30 for 30ml when there are $10 30ml bottles?
  • Is “premium” just a gimmick or is there a noticeable difference in quality?


If you see a company claim that they use “premium flavouring,” or claim that they are the best on the market, take the claim with a grain of salt and look into why exactly they feel their product is superior. You might be surprised at how


What is an e-liquid?


E-juices are made of Nicotine, VG (Vegetable Glycerin), and PG (Propylene Glycol). These two ingredients can be found in every bottle of e-juice, and they make up about 85% to 95% of every bottle. So, you might think that this much similarity from bottle to bottle would make for more equally-priced products. And you’d be right in that assumption because there is no such thing as a “premium” PG or “premium” VG. The rest is all flavouring and flavour can account for a big difference in quality.


Imported flavourings (unless they are cheap ones from China) do cost more than flavours produced in Canada or the US. And there is such a thing as a “premium” flavour, though what makes it so good is usually a secret that the e-juice company is not willing to reveal.


Other E-Juice vendors will create their flavourings and flavour extracts themselves to create their custom flavouring profile. It’s not a quick and easy process, and that could account for a higher price tag because they are not ordering mass produced flavouring company and it may not be the most natural formula to reproduce. In this instance, you are paying for the exclusivity of the product rather than the quality of the ingredients within.


Another factor that drives prices up: plastic versus glass bottles. Most premium e-juice manufacturers don’t use plastic for fear of distorting the taste they spent so much time and money to create.  If you are purchasing a “premium” liquid at a higher than normal cost, make sure it’s in the appropriate packaging. Additionally, a glass bottle makes steeping and curing a lot easier than a plastic bottle.


Finally, there’s a taste component to premium e-juices. There most definitely should be a difference in the taste and the exclusivity of the entire e-juice line. Factoring in the fact that taste is subjective, there should be a more favourable feeling when comparing something like a Chinese-made vanilla e-liquid and one that carries the “premium” label.


So are the premium E-Juices worth the high price tag over the cheaper E-Juices? That depends on person to person because not everyone will appreciate the differences in quality, packaging, and taste. If you are open to trying out different e-liquids, you will likely find cheap juices that you love as much as their “premium” equivalents. Big Cloud Vapor Bar is a hub for numerous branded and premium E Juices. Visit our store located in Burnaby BC or order online!