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LiFT Vaporizer by FLYT LAB is another innovative design for all vape lovers. It is a dry herb vaporizer that comes with three different temperature settings that range from 365 to 425 degrees. All you have to do is select your preferred temp setting and within sixty seconds, you are ready to vape all you want. This unique design allows for a fast unique sessions. The LiFT vaporizer features a magnetic chamber cover that aids the mouthpiece to be easily elongated or shortened for a discreet vaping.

Depending on your choice, it can be used discreetly or for classy show-off. It also comes with a coil infused ceramic heating chamber containing smooth and great herbs for your vaping pleasure. It is designed in a way to carry a good quantity of herbs so that you do not have to refill the vaporizer over and over in one session. The LiFT Vaporizer by FLYT LAB uses both conduction and convection to heat up and vaporize dry herbs.

Features of LiFT Vaporizer by FLYT LAB

The exciting features of this great vaping product include the following:

  • Comes with three temp control setting
  • Offers discreet vaping experience
  • Heating up is between 365 – 435 degrees
  • It is very portable
  • Comes in 6 inches
  • Features a coil infused ceramic heating chamber
  • Made specifically for Dry Herbs
  • Takes about sixty seconds to heat up good

Specifications of LiFT Vaporizer by FLYT LAB

When you purchase a pack of this product, you get the following:

  • One LiFT Herbal Vaporizer
  • One FLYT LAB Mini USB Wire
  • One FLYT LAB Tool Set
  • One FLYT LAB Power Plug