If you are looking for the latest vaping and related products, Big Cloud Vapor Bar of Barnaby BC is at your service. We don’t just offer Premium E -Juices, but all the accessories to facilitate your vaping experience. We invite you to elevate your vaping experience by choosing the finest quality e-liquids online available at Big Cloud Vapor Bar. Through vaping, we wish to create a world that is tobacco-free. Vaping will become simple and fun with us. Shop for the finest selection of vapes at the most competitive prices. Go for a healthy approach and instead of smoking cigarettes, go for the sophisticated products that can help all smokers opt for a healthy change.

We are offering smokers with the latest branded products. We understand that it is not just the looks of the vape that count, the quality is what makes you enjoy the flavor even more. We are offering the latest vaping products that are meant for meeting the needs and lifestyle of the vape lovers and smokers. Exclusive products are available at the most affordable prices. The kind of support you will get from us is not available elsewhere. We are committed to serving our customers with the BEST.

Our Philosophy

We savor the people who vape for life. With the best vapes, love and enjoy the tastes of life. The best flavors include desserts, tobacco, drinks, citrus, berry, other fruits and chocolate milk. We are offering vapes from the most featured Premium local and international brands who are busy in making the most innovative vaping experience.

Our Mission

We have the mission of taking care of the society and the individuals. We have extensive knowledge in of the e-cigarette industry and we know what clients today are looking for. We hence offer them exactly the items they need to enjoy the best smoking experience. Customer service is our priority.We make sure you avail the most technological products to enjoy smoking.

WeOffer The Lowest Prices

If you are looking for the most exclusive vapes and accessories, we have the list of all the best ones. They are affordable so our customers can grab some of the best products. The lowest rates are guaranteed for the vaping products and e-cigarettes. You can even match our prices to make a comparison. We are partnered with the wholesale merchants who offer us the latest supplies of e-cigarettes and vapes at the most affordable prices.

Our Staff

We have the friendliest staff available to facilitate you in choosing the best e-cigarettes and E-Liquids that will provide you the most pleasurable experience. We offer a vast array of e-juice refills available in various flavors. We keep in mind the taste and preferences of the smokers who are looking for the most enjoyable vaping experience. Stay up to date with the latest innovation with our vape store. We let you embrace technology and you will feel the difference. Connect with our reps to help you in choosing the product that can savor your needs. We are here to answer all your queries related to the usage of the products and accessories. Feel free to contact us.

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